Ideas for Writing Romantic Short Stories

There are great romance stories just out there, waiting to be written. And there are a great number of ideas that you can work on to make your romantic short story the best ever. There is historical love and contemporary love, there is futuristic love, and what about straight romance? Maybe something really sensual or sweet?

Before you are given more choices to deal with and you start to have trouble deciding, let’s talk about a fundamental truth about romance writing that a writer is meant to write a story that he really himself wants to read. It’s no fun, for almost all people, to write.

But yes it is really enjoyable and gives them the due confidence that they too can create art through a piece of a great romance story. A great romance story that a reader will enjoy is actually a hard work. It is tough to decide whether the time-period is too long, is the sensuality level bland and is the whole plot dull? Yet people begin writing romances that they wouldn’t want to read.

Suppose the story somehow finds its end, but due to a less zealous approach, the first reader of the book becomes the last- the editor. Amazingly, not every book is going to be a bestseller but the love that can be felt by the reader after reading the book has a greater chance of turning out to be a great romance story. Here are some tips and techniques to be used in case you are thinking about writing a great romance story.

#1. What is it going to be?

a. The stranger couple with no previous idea of existence of the other. Fate brings them together and they could be one forever or separated depending upon how you want to have the climax and the setting.

b. The individual who have been in acquaintance for a very long time can be utterly romantic too.

c. The unrequited one can also be intriguing and sweet.

d. The love that is not meant to be like fate, the universe et cetera.

e. Friends could also turn out to be in a romantic relationship who have been knowing each other’s deep secrets.

#2. A ‘where’ is also a great romance story.

a. A prehistoric time maybe a great time to describe how love might have been at those times.

b. A wonderful setting of a hill station, the love scenes of a couple enjoying their time can also be a great romance.

c. A particular setting of a rather small geographical area could also be choice depending upon how well do you know about the traditions and customs of that place.

#3. How old is the couple in the action?

a. They could be teens- wild and free.

b. Or like really old who have just met after having invested a long time with their previous love.

c. Or a married couple shining their way through every obstacle or say lemon life threw at them.

#4. Strange love stories?

a. A girl falls in love with a unicorn in her dreams. The lucid dream state is the only place where they both can have their time and enjoy love. A love that cannot be always leaves an imprint on the part of the reader.

b. A singer falls in love with the moon. The moon seems to respond to her, as the moon in fairy tales does. This exists only in her mind.

c. A couple happily married for 10 years and going to have a baby, goes through a death in the family and everything falls apart. The arrival of their daughter brings new hope and meaning to their lives.

#5. The mythological ones.

a. There are so many tales and parables that are a part of mythology, be it Hindu mythology, Greek mythology or even tribal mythology from Africa and India.

b. Also gods and goddesses falling in love with humans are the best tales when superpowers of gods merge with that of human.

c. A beloved fighting or struggling the gods to save her love can also be a great romance story. Of the powers bending before love and love conquering in spite of all the absurdities their lives have been through.

Among all above plots, there are still a thousand more where the end is not the usual or the beginning is weird. Out a place, love or the type of love there are innumerable possibilities, in the way a great romance story could be portrayed to make it a grand affair of success.