How the Wisdom of God Alone Can Sustain Us – Short Story

Alpha the rugged ship was taking a tour of the seas.

He dreamt of sailing into pirated lands full of wonder, danger and challenge.

He dreamt of saving people from flaming volcanoes, and wrecked out on shore crying S.O.S.

He was a freak wannabe, a lover of games and fun

He loved the people as they rested under the sun.

The rough seas were his lifeline, he trusted them to sail on

Winds or turbulence or hailstorm, he was all too sure to go on.

A novice though in life, he feared no harm would ever touch him.

He was built real tough, strong and hardy

And not one could match his punk

The day he sailed the first time was a cool one

But the day was getting filled with troubles one-by-one

The water loomed, they lashed, they furled

Alpha braved on, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid

His confidence only stood up, oh this was a real boon

He was fit as a tambourine, to drum the finest tune.

I’m so ravishing, an eagle would be my only match

I have eyes so sharp for combat, to see the enemy afar

My sails are sturdy to take me a million miles

I wonder if I were an eagle, I would reach the ancient stars

My charisma is unparalleled, I love to rant and rave

Show me if you can even come as close

But an eagle came close to the sails,

And rent it in two…

Alpha panicked, he wasn’t hoping for that

He travelled on as fast as he could

But could not go much ahead

His sails could no longer

Keep him sailing on

Oh what doom, he didn’t need a raging storm

Only placid waters and a destiny

To show him the place he feared.

Oh what pity a giant ship like Alpha

Was pulled out of sea by a bird

Even the mighty come down to tatters

Even the swift and the smooth come to loss

The main thing is always wisdom

It will be the answer to all doom

Alpha would have mattered

If he’d used a crew to guard him

He relied instead on his strength

His power and poise and avarice

Couldn’t withstand the test

His motives weren’t lofty or noble

He was just prideful and ignoble.

So little children, be wary

Be wise and be cheery

Be sure to make wisdom your friend

And you will be quick and fast to zoom

Hedged in and well-protected from doom!